Prepaid world data SIM card for you

Travelling around the world?
Don’t forget to take Transatel DataSIM with you for connectivity

To avoid crazily expensive roaming fee when you travel to multiple countries, preparing a world data SIM card is what you should do before get on the road. A world data SIM card can give you internet access when you land on any destination while avoid swapping out multiple SIM cards and wasting time looking for free Wifi.
That’s why you should put Transatel DataSIM on your world travel check list.

No matter you are an international student traveling during your vacation, or a business man traveling around the world for approaching new business partners, or a leisure traveler enjoying your holidays abroad, Transatel DataSIM offers you one single world data SIM card to use for 80 destinations with budget-friendly data at local rates.

SIM Prepaid Global Data SIM card for you


When you get you Transatel DataSIM, you will have access to internet all over the world, keeping your family updated with where you are, posting your pictures online from different places in the world, sending emails to your clients or business partners. No more wasting money and time on searching wifi and no more worrying getting lost abroad.

Transatel DataSIM will back you up and keep you connected.
Not only does Transatel DataSIM offer world data SIM card, but also deliver worldwide. Wherever you are, we will get your Transatel DataSIM card to your place.