Public Wi-Fi is not secure…

Most public Wi-Fi networks are open, which means that none of the data transmitted is encrypted.
The data is therefore potentially accessible to anyone connected to the same network.





The dangers of public Wi-Fi

Even if you intend to reach a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or a website secured by https (used for online banking, for example), accessing the internet from your device via a public Wi-Fi hotspot means crossing a minefield of potential risks.

If you have no information on the network you are trying to access—and even if a code is required for this network—you have no control over the final destination of your data. Some hotspots mimic reputed networks to gain your trust, in order to access your data. Worse even, hackers can manage to introduce themselves inside your PC to remotely copy the entire contents of your hard disk.

Yes, hackers can access 100% of your communications while you believe you are in a secure environment. Not when you’re using your Transatel DataSIM—you benefit from a personal, secure, cellular access to the internet.





  •  Open network (without access code)
  •  Private access
  •  Closed network (with access code)
  •  Private network
  •  Fake Wi-Fi networks (passing for legitimate networks)
  •  End-to-end control of your data
  •  Sniffing (software reading the data being transmitted)
  •  Encryption
  •  Hacking (software taking over your device / stealing content)
  •  Authentication

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Transatel DataSIM, the secure way to connect to the internet

Transatel DataSIM is more secure than public Wi-Fi because it relies exclusively on cellular networks. Standard operating procedures for 3G and 4G include authentication and encryption, which make data theft nearly impossible. With Transatel DataSIM, you take your sphere of trust along with you worldwide when you access the internet.

And remember that the connectivity offered by Transatel DataSIM is perfectly compatible with VPNs, making it the ideal partner for secure corporate communications.