Prepaid Global Data SIM Card for You

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Get your global data SIM card now! With 1 data SIM card, you will have access to internet wherever you go! No more expensive roaming fee and no more wasting time on searching wifi! You will be constantly connected to internet and share your great travel moments with you families and friends!

Transatel DataSIM can offer you this. One single data SIM card can be used globally with cheap rates and full English customer services. Besides, you can easily recharge online anytime.

No matter you are in Asia, Europe, America or Africa, you will be able to Skype your friends, send emails to your business partners, post your videos or pictures on your blog, update news and local weather, find the nearby restaurant to enjoy dinner with your friends or families, easily update your itineraries and get your GPS to guide you everywhere you go.

SIM Prepaid Global Data SIM card for you


With this global data SIM card, wifi-free globally without crazy roaming fee is not a dream anymore.

You will keep your budget because you won’t have the expensive roaming fee taking part of your fun in this global travel away. Go wherever you want and get your global data SIM card now from Transatel DataSIM.