Prepaid Data SIM card for Spain

Spain Travel SIM Card

  • A 10GB plan valid in Spain for 30 days (starting from your first use)
  • Buy new data plans or credit anytime, anywhere, from our Selfcare or smartphone Apps
  • Get support in English from our customer service
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access your emails
at all times in


use navigation apps
to find your way in

a taxi
in Majorca?

Being reach by
your professional and
personal contacts?

benefit from that
same network connection
anywhere in the world, for all your future travels?

Transatel DataSIM is the answer: commitment-free, low-priced internet access, with local prices for 190 destinations, making the roaming price shock a thing of the past!Choose the Transatel DataSIM offer that best fits your needs. Then, order online and get it delivered for free to your home, office, or at destination (your hotel, rental, office abroad etc).


Once delivered, keep your prepaid internet SIM card, and recharge by connecting to or directly from the My DataSIM application (even if you are out of credit) for 190 destinations. Your SIM card is international and therefore rechargeable for all the countries covered. It expires 18 months after last use. No need to look for a new local SIM card when you arrive at destination—keep this SIM card for all your future trips!
It’s easy to recharge or check your balance thanks to MyDataSIM, or via, which let you access your account even if you have no data left.Transatel DataSIM depends on cellular networks. Contrary to public-Wi-Fi, it offers a dependable and secure connection by design.
To stay connected, you have many choices. To help you make your choice, you can use our simulator.Order your SIM card well before your trip, your offer will begin only with your first connection!