Transatel DataSIM Credit Validity

Does my credit expire?

When you purchase your SIM card the validity of the initial credit/initial Data Plan included on the SIM only starts when you make your first internet connection.
Then, your SIM card stays active for 18 months after your last usage (this way you can keep your card and recharge it for your next trip, even if you only travel once a year)!
When you recharge credit or Data Plans, those also have a limited validity depending on the amount you recharge:
25 euros is valid for 3 months
50 euros is valid for 6 months
100 euros is valid for a year
Most Data Plans are all valid for 30 days.
This validity period starts as soon as you recharge your account.
You can find a complete list of our SIM cards for sale, data plans for recharge and pay-as-you-go rates along with their validity periods in the Rates & Coverage page.