MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) – Definition

What is an MVNO or Mobile Virtual Network Operator?

An MVNO (or Mobile Virtual Network Operator) is an entity that enters into a business agreement with Mobile Network Operators to obtain airtime in bulk, including voice calls, SMS and mobile data. The airtime is acquired at wholesale rate and the MVNO resells the airtime at their own retail rates. MVNOs do not own the infrastructure to provide the services. However, an MVNO may maintain their own customer service, billing systems, marketing and sales staff.
Transatel DataSIM is a brand managed by Transatel – a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. Through Transatel DataSIM’s partnerships with the best local Mobile Network Operators and Carriers around the world, users can enjoy mobile data connectivity while traveling without switching SIM cards. Transatel provides the architecture that allows the SIM card to scan and search the signal at a specific destination to find the frequency of one of their partner Mobile Network Operator or Carrier.