Prepaid data SIM card for the USA

prepaid-data-sim-card-usaTraveling to the USA?
Stay connected everywhere you go!

Transatel’s DataSIM allows you to book a hotel, find nearby restaurants, and post of all your pictures online through affordable and continuous internet connection.

Order the US data sim card and reap the benefits of continuous mobile internet connection at local rates during your travels. From the east to west coast, north to south, whether you are realizing your dream of walking on the sidewalks of New York city or heading off to the glamour and glitter of Las Vegas, you can rely on your international data sim card for high quality internet connection, wherever you go.

Good for your budget thanks to the roaming data technology used by Transatel DataSim, you will be charged local rates for your internet connection, free from international roaming fees. Once activated, you can use your starting credit as and when you require, the US data sim card has 18 months validity after last use and is commitment free. Recharge your credit online as desired during your trip in the U.S and be sure to keep your data sim card for future trips.

easy recharge

Easy recharge

High security network

Highly secure network

world coverage

World coverage

world delivery

International delivery