Travel for work, connect like at home

Travel, even if it is for business purposes, is still an adventure, full of–not always happy—surprises! That’s when you want to be able to rely on a secure and permanent internet connection. Because the point of business travel is not discovery, it’s… business!

So, focus on work, and connect to the internet like you would at home. With Transatel DataSIM, you’re independent, and that means you can stay ahead of the competition. Be the best you can be, even when you’re on the road.


No longer lost …

You’re finding you way!

Indications are useful, but not if you can’t read them. Use your translation apps at all times to become the real “world traveler”. This is perfect when you’ve just stepped down from your plane, and you’re not yet in the mood for spending time at information counters.


No longer waiting for taxis…    

You’re ordering them!

You’ve just gotten your luggage, and so you know what’s next—fighting for a taxi!  Right after landing, you’re using your favorite app to locate a taxi and having him/her pick you up right where you are. Taxi apps are global, and your DataSIM card is too. Enjoy!


No longer queueing for a service…        

You’re booking it and checking in!

Ever wondered how much time you spend during your travels just waiting to be served? Today, so much can be achieved online, all you need is a good internet connection. But sometimes, that’s the hardest thing to find…. Better to have it with you at all times!


No longer missing meetings…  

You’re joining the call!

Yes, Wi-Fi’s sometimes available, if you’re willing to enter details and navigate long login processes in a foreign language. Forget the hassle and focus on what’s most important. That’s what distinguishes efficient and successful professionals from the rest.


No longer losing deals…

You’re pressing ‘send’!

Without an internet connection, you can easily lose the quick tempo of business negotiations today. Make sure this never happens by having your professional emails accessible at all times, and always being able to answer: Yes!


No longer looking for the destination…

You’re finding it!

Tight schedule, complex itineraries, stressful meetings, a bit of jetlag and the obligation to make an impression—a good one! You need that GPS to work. You really do.


No longer missing notifications…

You’re making the best of it!

Schedules have a strange way of changing the minute you reach your destination. Not a problem if you’re aware of these changes, and especially if you can use that free time! Only access to the internet can help you swap that suit and tie for a last-minute surf.