Prepaid data SIM card for Papua New Guinea

prepaid data sim card norwayTraveling to Papua New Guinea?
Stay connected everywhere you go!

For international travelers in Papua New Guinea, the Transatel DataSIM mobile internet service means you can enjoy your stay in the country without ever having to worry about finding WIFI access. The prepaid international data sim card gives you mobile internet access, Papua New Guinea Data SIM, is the pay-as-you-go solution allowing you to be connected at local rates!

Depending on your exact needs, order a pocket WIFI hotspot or simply a roaming Data Sim card for your existing device. The Papua New Guinea Data Sim card is compatible with every type of unlocked device thanks to its all one format. Connect to your Smartphone, laptop, Ipad or tablet or your WIFI hotspot and pay local rates only wherever you are in Papua New Guinea.

Transatel DataSIM can be delivered to your home, office or hotel with express delivery anywhere in the world. Your data sim card is ready to be activated on reception; you can download our user guide to follow the easy activation procedure. Your international data sim card can be used over and over again in many countries… an ideal, economical solution for the frequent traveler!

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Easy recharge

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Highly secure network

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World coverage

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