Prepaid data SIM card for Poland

prepaid data sim card polandTraveling to Poland?
Stay connected everywhere you go!

Transatel’s DataSIM allows you to book a hotel, find nearby restaurants, and post of all your pictures online through affordable and continuous internet connection.

If you are heading to Poland on holiday or on business, the Transatel Data Sim card is the ideal travel companion when it comes to staying connected. The Poland data sim card can roam with you as you explore the country’s heritage and culture, allowing you to share the photos and impressions of your travel experience online for less. The Prepaid Data SIM card is the affordable mobile solution; simply insert into the device of your choice, and enjoy high-speed connection at local rates!

Ideal for saving money on your internet connection in Poland but also if you travel abroad often, you can keep using your International data sim card wherever you go. Transatel DataSim offers you the best mobile internet service in 40 countries around the world. Order your Poland data sim card today, install onto your laptop, Smartphone or tablet with ease with our user guideline and recharge your credit anytime online.

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Easy recharge

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Highly secure network

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World coverage

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