Prepaid data SIM card for Croatia

prepaid data sim card croatiaTraveling to Croatia?
Stay connected everywhere you go!

Transatel’s DataSIM allows you to book a hotel, find nearby restaurants, and post of all your pictures online through affordable and continuous internet connection.

If you are interested in an affordable, continuous internet connection during your visit to Croatia, order the Croatia Data Sim card online. The Transatel DataSIM is an international prepaid, rechargeable solution that frees you from having to seek hotels, internet cafés or restaurants offering WIFI connection. Whether you are travelling to the capital city of Zagreb or the charming historic city of Dubrovnik, the countryside or seafront, you have your mobile internet connection ready to use whenever you need and at local rates!

The Croatia Data Sim card is customizable with a choice of starting credit; your card is valid for 18 months from last connection and can be recharged at any time with our dedicated service online. Whether you wish to share pictures with friends and family at home, consult your emails, social network or work platforms, the Transatel prepaid data sim card offers high-speed internet connection at the best rates for travelers in Croatia!

easy recharge

Easy recharge

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Highly secure network

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World coverage

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